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For decades NEUSPEED has designed, engineered, and manufactured performance parts that work in concert with each other to wring out maximum performance. Others may produce "parts"; but at NEUSPEED, we literally deliver true Automotive Performance Systems. Whether you buy our components one at a time or transform your car all at once, rest assured your car will perform to its fullest, day-in and day-out -- just turn the key and go!

Tuning extends beyond the engine with Neuspeed performance parts, but start with a Neuspeed power module. It’s the simplest way to boost performance on a 1.8T or 2.0T TSI without jeopardizing your VW warranty: easy 20-minute install and removal, with no stress on internal parts, all plug and play.

Move on to suspension parts for VW and Audi models powered by the 1.8 and 2.0 TSI, 2.0 FSI and 2.5L. Find front and rear anti-sway bars and links, sport and race springs, and shocks and struts. Lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight while widening stance.

Improve throttle response and cut turbo lag with intakes and turbo discharge conversions, for both 2.0 FSI and TSI. Neuspeed front-mounted intercoolers help with big-time forced induction heat soak issues.