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Full service oil change

If it's time for a full service oil change, then it's time for a visit to your nearby E1 Motorsports Garage. When it comes to oil change services, no one does it better than our ASE Certified auto service repair professionals.

All of our lube and auto service professionals are highly skilled and experienced to perform the level of service your car needs with an oil change service. When performing a full-service oil change, our automotive technicians use only the highest quality motor oil that will improve the performance and life of your vehicle. Let E1 Motorsports perform your next oil change service and find out why more people trust E1 with their vehicles for maintenance, repair and oil change services. Check out our oil change deals and specials.

What does a full-service oil change include?

Not all oil change services are created equally. E1 Motorsports only change your vehicle's motor oil using premium Liqui Moly full synthetic oil, synthetic blend, or high mileage motor oil, spec'd based on your vehicle, climate, and driving style. During your full-service oil change at E1 Motorsports Garage, an expert technician will:

  • Replace and recycle your cars used oil and oil filter
  • Inspect your vehicle's cabin filter and air filter as needed, as well as any other filters
  • Perform a courtesy inspection, where the automotive technician will:
    • Top off window washer fluid and check the levels of other important fluids
    • Check vehicle lights (including signals and brake lights)
    • Lubricate chassis as necessary
    • Inspect belts, hoses, steering, suspension, skid plates and undercarriage
    • Check windshield wipers
    • Check car battery
    • Visually inspect for vehicle damage

When you need an express oil change, E1 Motorsports Garage is the clear choice - we'll keep your car running newer, stronger and longer.

Schedule your express or full service oil change service today by call us at 713.955.5846 or email